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For pictures and details of my Meccano models please click on the picture of the relevant model below.
Many of the models have lots of photos illustrating different aspects of the model. Higher resolution versions of all the photos are also available.

See info below for using the photo galleries.

If you require any more information on any model please send me a message

Ballbearing Clock

LMS Beyer Garratt Locomotive

Braiding Machine


Crawler Crane

Gear Cutting Machine

Tilting Ball Maze Game

Grand Orrery

Simple Rope Making Machine

3X3 Rope Making Machine

The Sleeping Meccanoman

Stationary Steam Engine

Tenpin Bowling Alley Game


Note that this page is "Work in Progress" and more of my models will be featured as I have the time

Photo gallery instructions:-

Note that the model pages all use photo galleries to display the many photographs

Hover the mouse over a thumbnail to see a larger picture to the right. If you click on the thumbnail then it will do two things:-
1. A new window will open up with a higher resolution version of the picture.
2. The picture in the photo gallery will also now hold if you move the mouse away

Tested IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera 9.26 and 9.5 Beta and Safari (PC). Note that a few browsers will not hold the image after a mouse click.

This page was last updated on 11-03-2009.