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Welcome to my Meccano Web Pages

I have been a life long Meccano enthusiast and I am an active member and webmaster of the Meccano Society of Scotland.

On this website you can see pictures of many of the models which I have built. Some of these have several detailed pictures.

I am very interested in the history and literature of Meccano and have been involved with several projects which are detailed below.


I now have a Guestbook where you can put your comments

Analysis of Meccano Manuals 1928-81

I have produced a comprehensive analysis of all Meccano manuals between 1928 and 1981

The following information is given for the manuals for each era/section:-
1. Overview of the manuals of that era
2. Data on the manuals, including dates, print codes and details of the pagination
3. List of all changes to the manuals during each era
4. Pictures of the front and rear covers of the manuals
5. List of all the models in the manuals of that era together with pictures of every model

On-Line Meccano Magazine Index

I have produced a very comprehensive index for the Meccano Magazine. The index includes every article and the main adverts in the magazine from 1916-1981. It also includes detailed indexes on Meccano models etc. This index is fully keyword searchable and is now on-line at www.meccanoindex.co.uk. See the link on the left.

Meccano Volume of MCS on CD

The Meccano Volume of MCS (Metal Constructional Systems) is now available on CD. This gives comprehensive details of Meccano throughout the world up to 2003. The CD can be ordered though this site and paid by PayPal.

Meccano Set Parts Lists

Myself and Oscar Felgueiras have produced comprehensive parts lists for most of the Meccano Sets. I have done from 1901-1981 and Oscar has done from 1981 onwards. I have also produced set parts list for the old style plastic Meccano. These are all available for download from this site.

S.R. Borrill Reproduction Meccano Parts

Mr S.R. Borrill is a good source of Reproduction Meccano parts at very competitive prices. His web pages are included on this site.

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